In this Photo Challenge we will give you 5 photography assignments. By fulfilling the assigments you will improve your photography skills considerably. Maybe you will take photos of subjects you never captured before! It isn’t needed to finish the photo challenge in 5 days, you can take more time, like 1 assignment per weekend.

So what’s in for you?
– 5 photo challenges
– Take photos of different subjects
– Challenge your own skills
– Improve your photography skills
– Get inspired by photos of others
– And…. it is free to participate

After you’ve signed up we will send your the first assignment within 15 minutes. Next to the assignments we will show several photos to get you inspired.

Did you finish the assignment? You can upload the photo. Instructions for this are provided with every assignment. We also explain you how you can see the photos of other participants. In the following 4 days you will receive the other assignments. In case you don’t receive the new emails. Please check your spam folder.

When the Photo Challenge is over we provide you from free photography tutorials on a monthly base. You can always sign out for the free tutorials.

Free Photo Challenge